Deux Doux Crèmerie, Pâtisserie & Café This is the second shop from the same chef as DoubleV – but whereas the former has a bright and colourful style, selling artisanal gelato, Deux Doux crèmerie, pâtisserie & café is going a different route. A cozy space with a touch of European café atmosphere in Taipei. Artisanal gelato is equally the foundation, but in addition French pâtisserie techniques are used to transform classic desserts and seasonal parfaits into refreshing treats, suitable for the hot climate. The logotype is taking inspiration from the traditional French shop letterings, highlighting the name, which means double sweet in French.

As part of the art direction, we assisted in the overall look and feel of the shop interiors, from cutlery to furniture and lighting. Off-white and subdued colours play an essential role, being expressed in different textures and materials. Clean and cozy instead of cold and distanced.
Hand painted signage, glass neon lights, all the details aim to convey and embrace the beauty of handcraft, echoing the delicately arranged desserts served in the Deux Doux.

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