Soyum is a redesign for one of Taipei’s chain of established and famous soybean pudding desert shops. Soy-made products, especially tofu, often do not have the best reputation for Westerners. Hence, one challenge was to create a name which does not repel this clientele, but instead to suggest a possibly delicious dessert. The naming is a word play of “soy” as the main ingredient and “yum” as in yummy, delicious, at the same time hiding the main ingredient, soy in plain sight.

The colour palette alludes to the signage of former times, when they were still sold in pushcarts giving it a slight retro touch. The typical blue rim of the porcelain bowls that were used in previous times, becomes another recognisable element of the visual identity. The patterns depict popular and household flavour combinations of the dessert.

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