Yutuzu Delicious, delicately made, layered little works of art. This is how one could describe the Japanese class of sweets called Wagashi. Yutuzu has mastered this traditional art and given it their own Taiwanese twist. Fittingly situated in an old Japanese house of the colonial era with a harmonising contemporary refurbishment by Mizuiro Design.

Our designs do their part to convey the spirit and level of sophistication of Yutuzu. The looping y initial alluding to the string with which some of the fragile Wagashi are cut in half. Translucent materials reflecting the textures and materials of the sweets, all the while standing back and giving all the room to the creations themselves.

  Photography by
  Andrew Kan &
  Andys photography
 Interior design 
 by Mizuiro Design    

Taipei London / Munich
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